Your Voter Turnout Hinges on These Key Factors

By knowing that voter turnout hinges on these key factors listed below, your candidate's campaign can focus on them and be successful in reaching the prospective voters in your target area.

One of the biggest factors in voter turnout is if it is a Primary Year election or if it is an Off-Year election. The 2020 election year is a Primary Year election because it is a presidential election year.

The key factors in achieving higher voter turnout for your candidate include name recognition, support for their policies and platform along with using the right venue to reach each voter group by age.

Why are the Primary Year elections so important?

This next election cycle in 2020 is a Primary Year election where all the major leaders of our nation will be elected and appointed to office for the next 4 years of service. Depending on who is elected will determine the path our nation will take in all areas the government controls. This includes:

  • Defense
  • Foreign relations
  • Civil rights
  • Civil liberties
  • Environmental issues
  • Health issues
  • Social benefits
  • Judicial appointees
  • Budget issues
  • Monetary issues
  • Law enforcement
  • Foreign trade
  • Domestic issues
  • Industrial issues

These are just a few of the many categories that will be decided by the next administration.

Why is voter turnout so important especially in a Primary Year election?

Because so much is riding on the Primary Year elections as the President, many Senators and Representatives will be voted into office, more registered voters will turn out to vote. Because of the higher turnout, the smaller and local races can take advantage of the increased number of voters actually in the voting booth.

A key factor in getting your candidate elected is knowing how to guide your candidate into the thoughts and minds of prospective voters. With this accomplished, the voter will vote for the races they feel strongly about, including the presidential race and the race your candidate is in.

The more voters in the booths that recognize your candidate, the higher the vote count for them when the voter backs the candidate’s platform. Many voters will also select your candidate if they are the only name they recognize in the race.

How to get higher name recognition for a candidate and higher voter turnout?

Registered voters must hear the name of your candidate over and over again in an upbeat way so a positive image of the name is impressed in their thoughts. This is accomplished with the media we are all surrounded by.

The Older Voters

The path for name recognition to reach the older voters are now considered a bit old fashioned, but is still successful in reaching the voters over the age of 50. This includes:

  • Newspaper ads
  • TV ads
  • News reports
  • Phone calls
  • Flyers
  • Door to door meetings
  • Ads on bus benches and other areas in the public transportation sector

The Medium Age Voters

For those voters who grew up in the early expansion of the digital world, they can still be reached by the old fashioned ways, but they are also connected to the digital world. It expands how they can be successfully reached. These voters generally range in age from 30 to 50 and your voter turnout hinges on these key factors including;

  • Online ads
  • Online articles including blog posts
  • To some extent text messages
  • They are reached to some extent in the same ways as the older voters

The Younger Voters

These voters are fully immersed in the digital age. Many of them have never read a newspaper or even give notice to flyers. If it is not digital, they do not even acknowledge it. To reach these voters and improve your voter turnout hinges on the key factor of being digital. These voters are from 18 to 30 years old. The digital paths to follow to reach them includes:

  • Text messaging
  • Social posts and social media in general
  • Online forums
  • Instant messaging apps

Is there anything that connects all voters immaterial of their age?

The commonality of reaching all voters, independent of age is the phone. Nearly everyone in America has a phone of some type. The older and medium age voters generally have a direct phone line and most also have a cell phone. The younger generation lives, eats and breathes on their cell phones.

With the commonality of person to person contact with a phone, this path is the only way to reach all age groups and social standings in your community. This is the factor that Robocent and their services can play a key component in your candidate's success in getting elected.

With your candidate message reaching every age group with one of the many Robocent services, a buzz about your candidate can be generated. When politics are brought up in social gatherings as in church meetings, social groups and just friends getting together; the message will get out. This will also help with name recognition.

The truth is name recognition alone will not win an election, but it is a strong contributing factor to winning. The increase in times a voter hears the name, the better they will remember it and increases the chances of your candidate receiving a vote.

How to target a demographic so they will vote for your candidate?

Your voter turnout hinges on the key factors of knowing just who your target audience is. This is decided by the platform and issues of your candidate.

Older Voters Their main concerns are social and domestic issues like health care.

Medium Age Voters Their main concerns are generally centered around taxes.

Young Voters Their focus is on topics related to education.

By looking at a candidate's platform, the age of the target audience can be determined. This will improve the response level to your message.

Are there other factors other than age when considering who is the target audience?

Yes, gender of the voter, social standing and income along with the education and race of the voter. This is where it must be known if a candidate is for or against a Hot Button issue in their community. These issues can be just a local concern or national. What is important is that if there is a hot button issue that is a concern for the area your candidate represents, where they stand must be made public in a clear manner.

How does Robocent improve the odds of getting more votes?

Because your voter turnout hinges on the key factors to win
over the population, the message and format sent out by the services of Robocent is critical. Items and formats used by Robocent include:

  • A message on the stance of an issue by the candidate.
  • A survey with questions on Hot Button topic asking for voter’s opinions.
  • The political record and history of the candidate.
  • Ties to political families of power.
  • Announcement of rallies.

By focusing on what is important to the voters in the area your candidate represents, you can get their attention by addressing these issues.

How does Robocent help your candidate reach the public?

Robocalls are used to send a prerecorded message of vital information your candidate desires to convey to their constituents. This service can include transfer calls where the voter can talk to a live volunteer and express their opinion or simply ask questions about the candidate.

SMS or text messages are sent by Robocent staff to voters in the district of your candidate. By having the text messages sent by a real person a dialogue can be established to help answer the voter's questions.

Ringless Voicemail Drops is a new way to reach prospective voters. This service leaves a message on cell phone voicemail platform so the recipient will only know they have a message. The cell phone will not ring when this is done so as not to interfere with the voter’s day.

Getting the word out to the public is the reason Robocent exists.

Robocent is the path to using what affects voter turnout rates in favor of your candidate. With more than 10 years of autodial experience behind them, the professionals at Robocent know how to successfully reach the public with your message.

Your voter turnout hinges on these key factors

  • Knowing the issues of the constituents that concern them the most.
  • Reaching the registered voters in a manner that suits their preferences and lifestyle.
  • Being aware of the ages, race, income level and gender of the constituents so you know how to reach them and know what concerns they might have.
  • Obtaining name recognition for your candidate.

Robocent knows the key factors that voter turnout hinges on. They are one of the proven successful paths you can use to get your candidate elected.