How to Reach More Voters in Less Time

Reaching as many voters as possible before Primary Election season is essential to putting the candidates you want into elected offices. An increase in the amount of times the name of your candidate is exposed to the constituents in their region will boost their chances of receiving more votes.

The specialists at Robocent know how to reach voters because they know who the voters are. This includes the full name, addresses, birth dates and gender of each registered voter in all the regions in our country.

To help pair up this voter data with the right candidates, the party affiliation is also known along with the specific jurisdictions they will be eligible to vote in, including the district, precinct, city, county and state of their residence.

To help with hot button issues, there is a need to know more about the voters in specific districts. Because of this, the voter data also includes the ethical background of each voter, along with the language or languages they speak.

The last bit of information, but not the least important, is the education level attained by each voter. This is possible and legal because of the access to and use of voter registration lists compiled by our government.

For those in the campaign that worry about the fine details, all this voter information complies with both the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Federal Communications Commission.

Why Do Many Campaigns use Robocent as the Source for their Voter Data?

The voter data compiled by specialists at Robocent is reliable and accurate. To ensure their lists are always in compliance with FCC and TCPA, they are continuously checked and verified for accuracy. This allows for your campaign to use the list with complete assurance these are the voters that can elect your candidate into office.

Included with the voter data from Robocent is how to contact each voter. Since most people have identifiable means of being reached, there are only a few paths that are possible for quick and direct contact. This includes emails along with both cell and landline phone numbers.

This voter data can be purchased for an industry-low price starting at 3¢ per voter record.

With the purchase of this data, you can receive a discount on a Robocent Auto-dial service to save even more revenue that can be redirected in other parts of your campaign.

Another advantage of purchasing voter data from Robocent is that you have the freedom to use it as you feel is best. You can use one or all of the services Robocent has to offer. You can also use it independently of Robocent.

The lists will include the older voters who might not have a cell phone, but are welcome to visitors knocking on their doors. By knowing the ages of the voters in your district from the list, you will be able to identify them so visits to their homes for a personalized visit can be scheduled.

The list also includes their complete addresses so your message can also be sent out through snail mail.

How can Accurate Voter Data be Used to Reach More Voters in Less Time?

Many different paths can be taken to reach the constituents in your candidate’s area of influence. There is always the older way of doing things, including door to door meetings, the use of snail mail and direct telephone calls. That works for the older voters, but not for the younger voters. These older ways are also more time consuming.

The fastest way to reach more voters is through a digital path. This is also the only proven path to reach younger voters. This is why knowing how to legally navigate your way through political SMS marketing can prevent any missteps being made in your campaign for office.

By handling your political SMS marketing campaign in compliance with all laws and regulations, you can get started right away on leading our nation down the right path once you are in office. Robocent services can make that a reality since they know the political campaign robocalls and robotexts regulations and follow them as part of their standard operating procedure.

The alternative is to go at it on your own and take the chance of violating the regulations. This path could cause your candidate to have to deal with campaign violations as their first order of business when the elections are over. This will damage the view voters have of the candidate and could cause them to lose the next election.

What are the Options Available for a Political SMS Marketing Campaign?

The option of opt-in lists to receive an automated message is available, but from Robocent, it is not the primary focus for those wanting to reach voters in less time in a constructive manner.

The recommended path to reaching more voters is to use real people to send individual text messages to targeted voters. This path is more popular with the recipients than a prerecorded message. It also opens the door to more possibilities.

With a real person sending out the text messages, a dialogue can be established with the voters. This makes it possible for voters to ask questions about topics that concern them. They can also ask questions about how a candidate will help them or address an issue. This information can be easily documented and used by the candidate to address their constituents in the future.

The dialogue can also lead to polls and questions being presented to the voter for their opinion on issues in their region. With these responses, more information will be collected that can help get the candidate elected.

What can be Done to Improve the Connection Candidates have with Voters?

Text messaging is used for sending political messages, but that is not their only use by ingenious candidates. Included in the voter data list is also the birth date of the voters. By making a personal message to a voter wishing them a happy birthday on their special day, a connection can be made. People like being remembered by those in elected office. It helps to make the candidate appear as a real person instead of just a picture on a political ad.

The personalized text messages can also be used for seasonal greetings that are coming up before the election. Fundraising events and rallies are also very popular uses for text messages. With the younger voters so active on their cell phones, your message can spread like wildfire. All that is required is the right message to make them feel important.

Why are There Opt-In List Links on Digital Advertisements for Candidates?

The opt-in list on various social media pages sponsoring a candidate is there to help interested voters find out more information. This option is available for people to add themselves to the list where texts are automatically sent to them with the information they are seeking. It is the fastest way to reach voters in less time than any other path.

This is called sending Robotexts and is only available to those on the opt-in list. The reason only people who choose to receive these messages can receive the messages is because of FCC regulations. Those voters who do not opt-in for receiving the information cannot be contacted by Robotext messages.

What is great about the people on this list is that a candidate knows they support them and in most instances will help get them elected. They can be the ones who are recipients of special offers and privileges. This can include VIP seating at rallies.

Reach More Voters in Less time… and Other Reasons to Choose Robocent

There are many ways to reach voters in less time by using the services Robocent provides. Nearly all of the paths to reach the right voters are associated with the voter data Robocent has on registered and non-registered voters across this great nation of ours.

This information provides the personal information on the voters, which include party affiliation. You will also know their age that helps in determining the most constructive path to reaching them in a positive manner.

You do not need to reach every voter in the area nor can you. The aim is to convince more voters to cast votes for your candidate than the other candidates running for the same office.

With all the different services of Robocent, you can reach anyone; independent of their age, occupation, educational background or party affiliation. You have the tools with Robocent assistance to accomplish the task in a successful manner.

To make this a reality, the first step on the path to a successful campaign is acquiring the voter data so you know who in your area has to be contacted with your message.