SMS Political Text Message Campaign Service

With today’s mass media going digital the use of SMS Political Text Message Campaign Service is growing faster than most other forms of reaching potential voters. This path of delivering a message is instant and when created correctly, can catch the attention of the receiver making them want more information as an impulse reaction.

What types of messages work?

The simple message ‘vote for me’ is too plain to grab the attention of a recipient who gets the text message. A short message has to grab the attention of the viewer. The three messages that seem to grab the attention include;

  • register to vote
  • rally on Tuesday (or any day of the week your rally is being held)
  • call for volunteers

This last one reaches the older generation with the highest level of interaction. In many instances, they are retired and are looking for something constructive to do.

For American citizens to vote, they must be registered. By making it easy for them to get registered, you can then influence them towards your political agenda since you already helped them in getting registered. It is under the thought pattern of we helped you once, look at what more we can do to help you.

The rally message is the best way to get people to hear your message and your full platform. By letting the voting public know about your rally with a date and time, they can place it into their busy schedule so your message in full can be heard. This can inspire both your supporters and those on the edge, or undecided voters to attend the rally. Since the media only reports the number of attendees at rallies, the more the better.

The call for volunteers is answered by voters of all ages. For the young, they are looking to make a difference and get involved to help shape the nation for the future. For the elderly, they want to volunteer and help support their candidates and for many just to stay busy and socialize.

No matter the reason, the text messaging political call for volunteers will help swell your ranks.

What voting demographic does the text message reach the most?

With the percentage of adults in America, having a cell phone above 80%, a majority of the population can be reached by texting political messages. When you add in the SMS on Facebook and WhatsApp, even more people can be instantly reached with your message.

Texting is mostly used by those in the voting block of 18 to 34 years old as the primary form of communicating. While people of all ages use texting to keep in contact with others, it is the younger generation that sends and receives the most. For many, their text messages have become their news and information source of choice.

As for the text message being read, Forbes has published that 95% of all their texts are read within three minutes of being received. This is a captive audience since the receiver has to physically interact with their phone to see the message.

The younger generation knows how to interact with their phones at almost an intimate level. For the older generations above the age of 50, it takes time to read and if they want to delete the messages since they were born well after cell phones were introduced to the public. Because of that unfamiliarity with this new technology, the messages are read and last longer in many cases just because they are not familiar with how to delete them. By people just thinking about how to deal with the message will imprint what is says into their memory.

Even with the different levels of familiarity with cell phones, the SMS Political Text Message Campaign Service has the potential to reach all age brackets with the desired message. All that is required is for the voter to own a cell phone.

Why does text messaging work so successfully?

Not only does the text message send the type of content out the political campaign is promoting to those that believe in that platform, but also those who have the same views as themselves. The short and precise text messages being sent out have enough information to get the message across, but are so short it only takes seconds to read and absorb. In this busy world, the quicker a message can be absorbed the better.

In the past, political campaigns concentrated on door to door pitches and personal phone calls. Those ways are for the most part no longer used except in locations where the older voters are concentrated. SMS is the way a majority of the people in America communicates today.

For voters under the age of 40, a phone call would be perceived as an interruption in their busy schedule. In many instances, the phone call is just ignored.

When volunteers are knocking on a door, the most likely scenario is that no one is home since most work during the day. At night most people would not like to be bothered in their homes. In some neighborhoods, people do not open their doors to strangers as a safety precaution.

With the text messages, you can reach the recipient at any time independent of their location and time of day. With the average text being read in three minutes from it being sent, your message is seen without interrupting the voter’s busy schedule.

Do people respond to SMS Political Text Messages?

Among the 560 billion SMS being sent every month around the world, the response rate for them is nearly 45% according to BSG SMS. That equates to 252 billion responses each month and 8.4 billion responses each day. These responses and interactions are more than any other form of communication today.

With the information the voters want or need in the message like;

  • time of an event
  • ways to financially contribute
  • volunteer

The texting of a political message in a campaign is the best way to reach prospective voters with the highest level of response over any other form of communication in today’s world.

The responses from your SMS Political Text Message Campaign Service are also your best source of information in knowing what voters want and their concerns. The responses from the voting public will vary in length and content, but one factor they will always provide is a voter’s cell number that is owned by a voter who has interacted with your campaign in the past.

These numbers need to be collected and reused for future messages about your campaign because you know the recipients are interested in your message and campaign.

How can SMS be used to help keep a political campaign going?

The platform of a candidate is generally too cumbersome and lengthy to be placed in a text message. What can be sent and happily received are reminders. Reminders take many forms including the following;

  • cast your vote today
  • time and date of a political rally
  • contributions needed to make a difference
  • make a difference vote for me

Messages that can be read in three to five seconds are the ones that are read in full more consistently than longer text messages. It is all a factor of time. The shorter and more precise the messages, the easier it will be understood and can get voters to impulsively react to them.

By making it possible for a contribution to be sent with the push of a button on a cell phone, more funds can be generated in an easier fashion. This allows for the bills of the campaign to be paid.

Setting up an SMS Political Text Message Campaign Service

Incorporating an SMS Political Text Message Campaign Service into your political campaign has never been easier. To learn how to schedule an auto-dial campaign with Robocent only requires three simple steps.

  1. Create an account
  2. Add New Organization
  3. Schedule a call

The only real choice you need to make is what type of auto-dial campaign you think will work best for your political candidate. To help you in deciding which of the services will fit your needs the Client Support Team can be reached by phone (757-821-2121) and email (

More information is available on this service can be found at Blog Robocent.


When you are ready to take the necessary steps to help a candidate get elected, a move into the digital world with SMS Political Text Message Campaign Service from Robocent is ready and willing to make it happen. This is a proven way to get your message out and read. With the critical 2020 elections beginning in less than a year with the primaries, there is no time to waste. The sooner your organization makes this move, the faster your candidate will get noticed and with the right platform, get elected to public office where they can make a difference.