Strengthening Political Campaigns Via SMS Text Messaging Service

With the widespread use of smartphones, political campaigns are optimized with the help of SMS text messaging as an effective tool in promoting the active participation of both voters and supporters. In mobile computing, there is a thin line that separates the campaign initiatives done online and offline.

In today’s digital world, we are witnessing the use of more advanced crossover technologies initiated in several political activities. Most candidates can freely share their platforms to a greater audience by reaching out to their target voters and supporters in a shorter amount of time than in the past.

Faster message delivery

The high delivery rate is one promising benefit of SMS text messaging service, which is better than RSS or a web format in syndicating news online. Receivers of the information via text messages have a greater chance of actually reading whatever is sent in their mobile phones. Many mobile service providers like Robocent focus on political campaigning through sending text messages. Even advocacy and nonprofit organizations can take advantage of this mobile approach.

Creating a mobile messaging campaign is very handy. After creating an account through a short message service (SMS), you can select a keyword for your campaign message. Most individuals submit their message to their contact list by texting a certain keyword to target the numbers in their directory (e.g. Text TRUMP4GOV to 123456). Any campaign can be sent through as a text message alert via SMS to all listed subscribers.

Political campaign via text messaging can be used for different purposes:

  • Instantly provide key issues to supporters.
  • Help in conducting organized rallies.
  • Request for available volunteers during campaign activities.
  • Keep the supporters informed regarding fundraising initiatives.
  • Inform loyal voters and supporters regarding legislative updates.
  • Remind constituents to go out and vote during the elections period.

The recent trend for digital campaigning has shown high voter turnover worldwide. In early research, it highlighted that political text messaging execeed voter turnout during elections by 4.2 percentage points. Such a difference in voter overall count can provide an impact in the general election’s victory or loss among the political candidates.

Scope of text messaging potential

Both SMS and text messaging are not limited to political candidates and do not always require an expensive budget. Campaign promotions through text alerts can be conducted either online or offline. Widgets can be designed to encourage supporters to sign up directly in the online campaign site or Facebook page. With minimal work, you can get the ball rolling initially while building up a long list of subscribers or members to join new campaigns and text message exchanges.

Getting your political messages across

Your political campaign text messages are not merely confined to sending any message. The mobile political sphere is a greater medium to start and influence your target audience to understand your main agenda. It is a way of mass conversation with a live peer-to-peer approach in communication to your voters and supporters or even converting other people to choose your side during the elections.

How RoboCent SMS service can help you

RoboCent, Inc. is a Virginia-based telecommunications service provider that is recognized for robocalls and text notification systems for businesses and schools. This enables them to get to know candidate platforms and messages.

Below are some features and benefits concerning how RoboCent can assist you in attaining your political endeavors:

Live messaging and P2P approach.

RoboCent customer service staff can assist you in sending, responding and monitoring messages, where voters can communicate with real people and directly connect with your campaign’s message. Also, as a political candidate, you can access your dashboard to view your open rate campaign, people’s responses, and other related information about your political campaign text messages.

Well-trained U.S. staff and reliable software.

Established in the U.S., RoboCent provides a team of natural English-speaking American staff fully equipped to conduct the tasks of SMS messaging political campaign.

Highly reliable sending speeds.

Whoever your target audience is, whether small-town district or a statewide pool of voting parties, RoboCent has the right tools to reach out your target voters. Whatever size or context, Robocent’s high-spending and reliable capability enable any candidate's campaign strategy the best option to get noticed by the public.

User-friendly dashboard.

Through its easy-to-navigate dashboard and clear interface, RoboCent makes scheduling and coordinating the SMS messaging campaigns instant. Its current system is known for its 94% client satisfaction rate. The company pursues to augment that existing impressive stat by adopting continuous site enhancements.

24/7 support system.

RoboCent is fully aware that running a political campaign is a round-the-clock task. The staff is always ready to assist campaign teams regarding their inquiries. The team is prepared to respond to questions, troubleshoot issues, and send important messages 24/7.

Free trial for political candidates.

RoboCent can provide you and your campaign party 500 free texts to experience firsthand the potential in using the platform’s excellent SMS connect service.

Text messaging for political campaigns

With the advancement of technology, several political marketing strategies have shifted to the most current systems. Things have dramatically changed with the times with innovative and creative concepts, which have altered how the existing political campaigns are held. The SMS political text message campaign service has set a new standard. It brings the latest trends to win the hearts of the voting public.

Text messaging has changed notably in recent years. In the past, the familiar call-to-action catchphrases are displayed in banners, yard signs, billboards, and t-shirts. In the past, these practices were common strategies. Today, political campaigns have increasingly migrated from conventional media to widespread SMS messaging. Notably, this new strategy works in many ways.

In 2008 alone, the United Way of America, a Virginia-based non-profit organization, launched the very first mobile fundraiser campaign and achieved $10,000 in donations. Currently, political text message campaign marketing is the new milestone in the field of SMS messaging.

Advantages of political SMS text messaging

In this digital age, political campaigns employ SMS messaging to respond to the voters’ inquiries, provide updates and relevant information regarding related activities, fundraising events, and sending out intra-campaign information. For more details, you can read, “From Campaigns & Elections- How to Plan Your Digital Campaign Budget.

All these initiatives via SMS political text message campaign service are very helpful in saving time and campaign funds. However, there are still several approaches where text message campaign service can be highly optimized to benefit you and your campaign schemes.

Effective text message campaign initiatives

Below are five of the most effective means of maximizing the benefits of SMS political text message service.

Voter data collection

Voters can choose to receive campaign text messages either through signing in an online form or via keyword texting to a special code. By doing one of these two ways, campaign staff members and volunteers can easily text and connect with the voters in the fastest, less stressful and most effective way while accessing a wide audience.

Through the opt-in process, this ensures to gather the voter data such as name, email, zip code, relevant information, and demographics is collected. By doing all these instantly, you can take advantage of this crucial data for your campaign by designing a more focused marketing strategy. Understanding more about your population, this will provide you the chance to personally assess their needs.

Gather voter feedback

Although most political campaigns merely focus on the logistical benefits of text messaging, like seeking volunteers and providing campaign updates, you can also take advantage of SMS messaging by providing your candidate with feedback and receive two-way communication with your specific voters’ base.

Some political SMS messaging services like SMS Connect provide a platform for staff who can communicate with the voters to note their sentiments. This allows your subscribers to be heard while educating them with the candidate’s platform. By promoting real conversation with the voters, the campaign conveys a sense of passion and genuine interest in the people.

Manage campaign events

Event management using SMS can provide updates regarding rallies, town halls, debates, and fundraising into functions. Through SMS messaging, your campaign can get across regarding the events while collecting feedback and ballpark headcount right away and effectively as needed.

Recruit through SMS text messaging

Like managing events, SMS messages can be used when recruiting volunteers for managing political campaigns. Using automated responses with keywords, you can easily find and identify volunteers.

Set reminders to voters and registration information

Regardless of how strong your political platform is or how rigorous your campaign strategy, all your efforts are useless if your base does not vote in your candidate’s favor on Election Day. Using a straightforward text message brigade, your campaign strategy can remind all voters to go out and vote.

Employing quick SMS messages, your political campaign approach can guide the voters in the basic election process. You may have resources to register, find locations to vote, and other relevant data. In summary, focusing on SMS marketing strategy will help benefit the voters to promote strong connections for your campaign strategies.