The Necessity of Surveys

After a two week hiatus, The RoboCent Blog is back with more important campaign management information! For the month of June, we're providing a 10% discount on all Surveys (use code SURVEY10). Read below on how to best employ Push-Polls on the heels of other campaign efforts.

Pair your Grassroots activity with Surveys from RoboCent

The best way to ensure successful execution of a neighborhood door-knock? Follow it up with an immediate Surveys. We are close to the summer season, and so your campaign will employ volunteers and staff to go door-to-door in order to make personal contact with the voters who will decide your election. Check out the below steps on how to best follow-up and win with Surveys from RoboCent:

  1. Send out your outreach teams to connect with voters using reliable data. The point of this is to inform voters and answer questions about where your candidate stands on important/ relevant topics.

  2. Collect data while engaging with voters. For example, identify supporters and undecided voters. Identify which households would like yard signs or who would be interested in attending an upcoming campaign event.

  3. Using the above data, send a survey in the SAME DAY to follow up with and shore-up support among those who were either undecided or supportive voters.

Survey outline:

"Thank you for speaking with a campaign volunteer today at your home. If you have a couple moments, we have just a couple questions for you.

"If the election were held today, would you vote for ________ or ________? Press 1 for (other candidate) or Press 2 for (your candidate).

"This campaign is fueled by small contributions from people who believe in our shared vision. Are you interested in contributing to the campaign? Press 1 for Yes or Press 2 for No.

"Thanks again for being gracious with your time. The next campaign event is (when) and (where), and I hope to see you there!"


Thanks for stopping by the RoboCent blog, and next week be sure to visit to learn about another great topic.