Yes, Donald Trump Really is Our Next President

Our 45th President, Donald J. Trump

It really happened. We have elected, by a pretty significant margin, our next President: Donald Trump. Did you ever think you were going read that sentence? Political scientists, pundits and social media opinion leaders everywhere severely underestimated the power behind Trump’s message, and it is safe to say we expected a complete dismantling of the Republican Party come November 8th.

Winning Cures All

Constant infighting within the campaign. Revelation upon revelation about Trump’s past social misfires. Historic lack of support from a nominee’s existing party leadership. None of that matters, because he won. Marking a distinctly different tone in his victory speech and in the days since, our President-Elect is now focused on transitioning into the White House with his staff of choice, and plans for his first 100 days in office. No, the Republican Party does not need to do more soul searching - not because it has overgone a massive re-identification of its values and broadened its base for future elections, but simply because it won.

Professional Polling Has Collapsed

Public Policy, Quinniapc University, LA Times, ABC tracking polls and other major survey outfits are doing serious soul-searching and renovating their process to avoid a complete finale of their industry. Alan Lichtman, distinguished professor at American University, was among a very small group of political scientists who predicted a Trump victory. How he did it, was absent of polling data. See here for more information on his process, but essentially he uses history to predict the outcome - not polling data, which he thinks very little of.

In short, we have a new president come November 20th, and are hoping he will be successful in making our country successful.