Winning Text Message Political Advertising Strategies That Anybody Can Adopt

Over time, we've seen a significant level of evolution in communication technologies and the way they are used. One key component of democracy that has been able to keep up with the pace of evolution is political campaigning. A lot of communication channels have been used in the political sphere for connecting contestants with the electorates. We've seen campaign communications evolve from person-to-person handshakes to direct mailers and yard signs. The primary goal of all these evolutions is to connect aspirants on a personal basis to the people that will vote them into power.

Recently, mobile marketing for politics, including phone calls, TV ads, radio broadcasts and social media advertising, have been introduced, with a common goal to reach more people with personal messages. These evolutions have contributed to making the competition in campaigning more fierce than it has ever been. With the fierceness of the competition came the inevitable mobile campaigning, as a sure way of getting into the hands and hearts of electorates.

Over time, mobile campaigning has been able to establish itself as the most effective medium that politicians can leverage to pass their messages across to their target audience. For a political campaign, a team will require a comprehensive strategy, irrespective of how good their frontman could be. The battle is won in the hands of voters - and what method can do this better than text messaging?

Here in this article, let us look at a few key steps that you can adopt using SMS For Political Campaigns. A careful study and adoption of these strategies would put you at a headstart as you move towards contesting in an election.

1. Create An Account With Any Text Message Marketing Service of Your Choice.

Your choice of SMS political marketing service can potentially make or mar your campaign efforts. Hence, the need to be deliberate about picking the best Political Phone Marketing Company. Thankfully, you will find quite a number of them with a simple search. If you are in doubt about their quality and what they have to offer you then these are the few points to look out for:

  • Does their website have an interface that is easy to use?
  • What is the mobile expertise behind the company's operation?
  • Do they have a proven customer complaint department?

These questions are a start to understand the company's level of expertise. It also helps to find out how well the company has served other people in the past and if the company has the potential to handle the level of the campaign that you want.

2. Select The Mobile Keyword That Matches Your Campaign Best

This is another critical aspect of the whole process. It is essential to make one-word keywords that are not only relevant but also easy to remember. A quick look through Google's search engine will show you a few examples that you can draw inspiration from. Name recognition is an important aspect that makes the mobile campaign unique. It offers a sense of familiarity and even ownership to your target electorates.

A supporter will more likely tell his friends to text a keyword that's more specific (example; "Text PATTY to 68398") than a generic keyword (example; "Text VOTE to 68398"). If Barack Obama's popular "Text HOPE to 62262" campaign could experience such massive success, then you can imagine how much success the campaign would have pulled with a more specific keyword like OBAMA.

3. Create and Implement a Strategy

It is wrong to go about sending SMS campaigns without a solid strategy from the start. Nobody wins by sporadically sending SMS campaigns as the campaign progresses! If you are serious about making any meaningful progress, then you need to plan a lot of things. From the specific content of each message to its timing, everything has to be intentional throughout the process to ensure that your campaign will last. It is also a good idea to synchronize an SMS campaign with the rest of the outreach, marking which events may need a text reminder to key supporters before it starts. These are the kind of plans that will be pivotal to the success of your campaign; hence, the need to make it count.

4. Pay Attention to Your SMS Campaign Subscribers

During the build-up to the elections, you can always check in on your supporters and their opinion from time to time. If they love you as much as you think, then there is a huge chance that they are replying to your SMS campaign. Their reply would often contain valuable input. A crucial asset at this point would be to own a reply management tool. Such tools allow you and your team to hear the other side of the conversation. Apart from how much the discussions would help you, it is also important to listen because it gives the electorate a sense of belonging. You already know how a sense of belonging helps your political relationships to blossom.

5. Advertise Your Mobile Keyword

Like we pointed out earlier, it is good to have a personal keyword that is not so difficult to memorize and remember. For a lot of the electorates, that is what you will be known for. Beyond being strategic about the creation of your keyword, however, you need to market your keyword until it becomes a household word. Most times, successful election candidates incorporate their keyword into their Facebook fan page, Twitter background, campaign bus, website, yard signs, direct mailer and so on. If you have a team that is willing to leverage the power of mobile, then it will be great to include mobile on all aspects of campaigning. No doubt, you would see an unparalleled response from your target electorate.

Using Text Messages For Political Campaigns

Quite a lot of prominent politicians have succeeded in the use of text message political campaigns in the past. When you are contesting in an election, whether it is for one of the city council spots or to fill the oval office, there is always a need to stay connected with your target electorates. This closeness is the first key that guarantees success.

There are a lot of tried-and-true ways to use text messages to your advantage. Below we will take a look at some of them:

  • Voting Day Reminder

This is one of the most significant ways any politician can leverage text messaging to their advantage. By sending a friendly text message to remind voters of the election date, you are not only telling them to go and vote. You are also invariably printing your name in their hearts as they head to the ballot box. If you wish, you can even add a link that will help them find the nearest polling unit in their locations. Be sure to send constant reminders of early and absentee voter deadlines to constituents.

There are still so many citizens who are not registered to vote. Irrespective of your personal belief or the political party that you belong to, you can leverage the power of texting to encourage people to join the train and exercise their rights. This will especially help you in areas where you have better followings.

  • Event Alert

As the election dates draw closer, you will be overwhelmed by events that are lined up for you. The success of each event is, however, often determined by the number of people present for it. Maximize your agenda by inviting more people to your rallies, meetings and other events through SMS. Be sure to inform them about the presence of important media personalities that they won't want to miss seeing.

  • Important announcements

Making important announcements through text messages is a great way to show your supporters that you value their support. This way, you are not only actively involving your fans, but also giving the announcement a personal touch. These are some of the things that matter to them as the election date draws close. Releasing politically-related information always has to involve a carefully crafted process or else you would do more harm than good to your team's effort. You want to ensure that your message gets to your audience the exact way that you want it to. With carefully crafted text messages, you can take control of the narratives.

There you have it, a few things worth knowing that will up your game in using text messages for vote soliciting. So, as you prepare for your hard fight towards the ballot, it is important to note how far text message political campaigns can lead you. It is never too early to start building a comprehensive list of mobile subscribers. Contact us to find out how we can help you develop SMS political marketing strategies that work.