A Review of Digital Marketing Platforms: Why Text Message Marketing is Undefeated

In 2019, there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to marketing anything and everything. You don’t have to have a degree or be a professional to market something. All you need is a phone and a computer, and you have the ability to create an empire at your fingertips.

Marketing no longer needs big bucks or even much attention. Nowadays, you can pay a small group of millennials to gain your entire voter base, even to do text message marketing for political campaigns, and they’d probably get the job done just as efficiently.

Mail, flyers, billboards are out the door. Digital marketing has made its way in, and it’s a sensation. In this RoboCent blog, we’re going to review a few of the most popular digital marketing platforms and tactics, give you the top ways to use them, and of course tell you why text message marketing remains the best.

Text Message Marketing

As we’ve without a doubt mentioned before, text message marketing is the most innovative marketing strategy of our time. Instead of relying on people to come by your advertisement, you literally can bring it to them through dropping a message in their inbox. Spreading the word about your campaign won’t have to rely on complicated SEO tactics or hoping that people don’t scroll past your post on social media.

Personalization is a huge trend in the previous popular marketing tactics we’ve discussed. With text message marketing, you won’t have to create content to send a message and pray that your followership will understand it. You can literally send them a text message to their personal phones to then open up a dialogue to then educate or entertain them.

Especially when using RoboCent, a service that uses live operators to message people on your contact list, truly making connections with people is a cakewalk. The marketing basically does itself. It’s low-effort, cost-effective, ethical, and the most influential way to market to people for a campaign.

Creating a true, peer-to-peer relationship with voters doesn’t get more personal than that. All in all, text message marketing for political campaigns is the most simple, yet impactful way to market your platform in 2019. Your campaign had better get on board.

Social Media

Nowadays, you don’t need to go much farther than Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to create a successful marketing campaign. In fact, many companies don’t go further than these social media platforms, depending on their targeted demographic.

Take the disastrous FYRE Festival of 2017, which Netflix has now shed a light on in two recently released documentaries. Marketing for FYRE Festival was handled mainly through one platform: Instagram, where hundreds of celebrities and social media influencers were paid to promote the festival.

While the festival itself turned out to be an utter scam, the social media marketing tactics were revolutionarily simple and effective. Celebrities and influencers posted an orange tile with a link to the FYRE Festival account and website at 5pm one night, flooding the average instagram user with nothing but orange on their newsfeed. The draw and influence these celebrities have on the average person, plus the strategic use of the visually-focused platform of Instagram is what cause FYRE festival to sell quickly.

Although FYRE’s marketing team was selling a sham, it was the most influential sell of all time, and they couldn’t have done it without social media.

Each social media app, whether it’s one of the main three (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or a less mainstream platform like reddit, offers different markets and capabilities. Instagram has celebrity name value, twitter has hashtags, and Facebook has one of the best platforms for video content. There’s something for every business no matter what you’re trying to market, who you’re trying to market to, or how you’re trying to market.

As we’ve spoken about in our RoboCent blog titled Campaign Language, President Obama in his 2008 election stunned many average voters by reaching out to the public via social media. During a time when social media was starting to become a part of daily life, Obama’s use of it in his campaign helped him connect with especially young voters in a unique and immense way. His ability to be in touch with his base and use the features that social media provides are ultimately what made him one of the most beloved presidents of all time.

Alternatively, President Trump uses social media platforms like Twitter to reach out to not only his base, but all of his constituents. He even uses it sometimes to release informal statements about policy or politics. Whether you agree with his usage or not, one part is undebatable: social media gets him attention. The same can be said about many businesses or even other politicians on social media.

Social media combines popularity politics and content marketing to appeal to people’s fears and desires. All in all, marketing for a business or product on social media is without a doubt one of the most powerful ways to do it.

Content Marketing

In a capitalistic world that’s always on the go, people aren’t in the mood to seek out entertainment, or products for that matter. They want all of these things to come to them effortlessly and beneficially. That’s where content marketing comes into play.

Content marketing is basically any visual, written, or formally produced content that entertains or informs with a motive of selling a product.

There are many forms of content marketing, some of the most popular include: blogging or native ads, video advertisements like sketches or video listicles, and even photography depending on how a company utilizes it.

Content marketing can do a few things for your campaign or organization:

Content marketing can gain you attention. Creating a video that goes viral or curating a popular and heavily-visited blog will draw initial attention to not only your platform, but your brand as a whole. You can use content to share a message in a more receptive and creative way, hopefully bringing back some of the attention to you and your campaign to gain votes.

Content marketing can give your brand credibility. Creating well-produced content can show to your audience that your campaign or organization “walks the walk.” As we said before, content marketing can be used to send a message. If you’re lucky, people will be impacted by this message and give you loyalty in return.

Content Marketing can be anything you want it to be. If you’d like to run a blog about the market you work in, you can do that. If you want to begin an entertaining web series that revolves around your business, you can do that as well. Content marketing is a way for your brand to build a relationship with your base by personalizing the way you reach out to them. Interestingly enough, content marketing has expanded into extremely high-tech forms. Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence, and live streaming are up-and-coming content marketing strategies, to name a few.

All in all, content marketing is one of the new waves of marketing in the 21st century. No matter what you’re selling or buying, content marketing can be merged with most other types of marketing. In a campaign, content marketing can mean anything from documenting your campaign process to blogging about your platform. Either way, content marketing means keeping your loyal supporters in the loop about your brand and who you are. It keeps people invested, and keeps them in support of you.


SEO: Search Engine Optimization. It’s a mystery to the average Joe, however, it affects the way he lives on almost a day-to-day basis. When he looks up restaurants in town on Bing, Googles auto repair shops to fix his Nissan, or even dentist offices to get a cleaning, SEO controls what he sees in the search results, and ultimately the decisions he makes.

There are a ridiculous amount of factors that compose good SEO. Some of the most important ones are inbound links and keywords. The more other websites link to your website, the better SEO you’ll have. The more on-point your keywords are with what people type into search bars, the better SEO you’ll have. All in all, SEO is a very complicated facet of marketing, but it’s also very crucial. It’s important to have someone on your team who knows how to navigate this tricky marketing tactic, and who can get your search engine ranking up to the top.

For example, if someone googles your campaign or candidate, you’ll want your website or social media links to be the first results in a search. This gives your team the upper hand in creating the first impression to a person curious about the election.

Good SEO gives your campaign a sense of legitimacy, and helps people not only trust you but take you seriously. Many campaigns have lacked the success they deserve simply because of the lack of exposure bad SEO can bring. All it takes is a little bit of work, and this marketing tactic can be one of the most influential for your campaign.