Why Sanders is Still a Huge Factor Shaping 2016

Hillary Clinton has long been seen as the inevitable nominee for the Democratic Party's Presidential ticket, but only recently locked up the race to mathematically eliminate Bernie Sanders from still having a chance.

While we are not shocked Clinton is 2016's Democratic standard bearer for the highest office in the free world, it took her a while to get here because of Senator Bernie Sanders. Much can be said about her detractors: she is visibly uncomfortable talking with people, her likeability figures are upside down, and she has faced staunch competition in both democratic primary races she's run. Sanders is the total opposite of Hillary - relaxed, anti-corporate welfare and exciting.

So it is not a surprise when we learned that in one state, almost HALF of Sanders' supporters plan to support Donald Trump's campaign. While The Donald and Senator Sanders draw distinct contrasts on policy issues, they both know how to fire up a crowd when it counts - this should prove to be a very interesting general election campaign.