Who NOT to Hire for Your Campaign

Last blog, we talked about a roadmap you want to use when rolling out your campaign over an 18-month. Today...we’ll get into an even more important component of your campaign: avoiding the wrong hires.

There are three wrongs when it comes to hiring:

1// The wrong attitude

Staff at every level need to remember who and what they’re working for: the candidate to win. People who ask for too much money or say shouldn’t be trusted outside of anything called volunteering. Something to take note of!

2// The wrong experience

If you’re looking at hiring someone, ask them a question to be chief among the others— are they a winner. How many campaigns have they worked on that’s won, and what did they do to contribute to those victories?

3// The wrong politics

Long story short: they’d better support your policies while helping you sharpen your articulation of them. They can’t just be campaign professionals, they have to be political allies (read: friends) of yours!

Next week, tune back in to learn the top 3 types of hires.