When TO and NOT TO Schedule RoboCall Campaigns

Many RoboCall vendors offer services similar to those from RoboCent, but have no idea (or intention of) advising their political organizations on how to best use them. That is one of the RoboCent differences, as we don't just want you to send calls from our company - we want you to win the election.

Below are some tips on when the best times are to schedule your auto dials, ideally paired with the RoboCent Track.

When TO Schedule a RoboCall

If the intention is to target a voicemail, call voters from 2PM to 4PM.

For live answers to hear your message or participate in a survey, dialing should begin around 6:30 or 7PM.

While no day is better than another, participation rates are typically higher later in the week.

RoboCent Pro Tip: Announcing an Event? Give voters at least 48-hours lead time, and follow-up exactly 24 hours before the event to remind them.

When NOT TO Schedule a RoboCall

Unless you're calling campaign staffers or volunteers, we don't recommend dialing before 10AM.

While Sunday calls can be extremely effective, you should avoid them if possible to give voters a break from campaigning.

RoboCent stops all dialing promptly at 8:59PM Local Time.

These recommendations are purely estimates, a lot of factors can influence the participation and live answer rate on a call. Something as simple as a high school football game can bring people out of their homes and away from the phones. On the contrary, a rainy day can boost these stats significantly increasing the number of people who participate.

Like always, RoboCent is happy to work 1-on-1 with your campaign to craft the most effective and affordable auto dial schedule. And remember, there is never a bad day to reach voters!