Why You Need to Shake Up Your Campaign Post-Primary

With 2017's primary season behind us, it is a good time to revisit the core message of your campaign that way you can begin to sell your vision to an entirely new set of voters - those voting in the general election.

For campaigns that have primary elections, there are two separate campaign calendars. The first is the start of the campaign until the primary, and the second is the general election race. Strategies that don't markedly shift their messaging, targeting and infrastructure ahead of the general election will fail because the goal for reaching primary voters is entirely different from that of building concensus among the mainstream voters awaiting the booths comes November.

#RoboCentProTip: Ask yourself what the "central sell" is to general election voters. Write it down. Run it by your campaign consultant and campaign manager. Refine it. This should answer the question: "What is the one reason to vote for my campaign over the opposing candidate's in November?

Build your four and a half month general election campaign stretch around that idea.

Below are quick guidelines in designing the 2nd act of your campaign in order to appeal to and win over general election voters.

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