Virginia’s Teaching Us that the Politics of Obstinance Works

If somehow you’ve managed to miss the most bizarre political firestorm that’s hit Virginia probably in the state’s history, here’s a recap:

—Virginia’s Governor, Ralph Northam (celebrated moderate Democrat who is a doctor and veteran) was found in either black face or a KKK robe in his yearbook from the 80’s.

—Northam apologized within a few hours for the picture. Then he backtracks a day later, claiming it was not him in the photo. He then refuses to resign.

—A day or so later, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax (rising star in the Democratic Party) is accused of sexual assault by someone who was willing to give specifics about the day it took place in 2004. He denies it and then another woman comes out to accuse him of the same thing— he denies that also and refuses to step down from his job as Lt. Governor.

—Attorney General Mark Herring decided to join the fray by admitting that he also wore blackface in the 80’s, and does not mention resigning from his role either.

The common denominators? VA’s top political officials are all caught up in racial or sexual controversy, and not going anywhere. One thing we’re learning is that refusal to fold might just work in the long run for the careers of those mired in issues.