Three Major Grassroots Pitfalls

This week our blog will cover three frequent pitfalls that occur within the Grassroots or Field categories of managing political campaigns. While this is not a complete list, a good all-around rule for leadership is to care about what the people working below you need and work hard to ensure their job is cut out for them.


We have seen many campaigns that expect great results with lackluster preparation. As a campaign manager, one of your primary responsibilities is to have clear instruction on how-to successfully completely the role of Grassroots Director. This includes ensuring understanding of the campaign’s district, training for your campaign’s professional voter data system, how to build large signs, and general leadership principles. #RoboCentProTip: Training doesn’t stop once the onboarding is finished - it’s ongoing. Keep in place really solid structures that ensure accountability and follow-through for everyone on staff.

Too many responsibilities

See last week’s post on the Five Pillars of Grassroots - another common mistake is overloading the lead field position with jobs that have nothing to do with the goal of the hire. Again, the campaign should be intentional about what tasks it assigns to staff members in the interest of making their role clear.

Unclear goals

RoboCentProTip: If you’re campaign isn’t data/ results-oriented, drop out of the race. With every task, you need clear metrics to define what success looks like throughout the duration of the campaign. This is absolutely critical to having a competitive campaign on every level, and you would be wise to study past years’ metrics, if applicable, to provide for steady growth.

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