The Contrast Between VA’s Scandal & Biden’s Dilemma

This week saw another prominent politician thrust into the arena of accused impropriety, with former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden being accused by several women of inappropriate physical contact.

The thing is, he handled it really really well and set a followable template for candidates mired in obviously bad PR issues— keep reading to glean how he allowed people to keep trusting him while admitting wrongdoing.

Unlike the three highest political officer’s in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Biden owned up to the accusations that he’s been less than proper at times when in contact with women.

Truthfully, he not only skated by in his response, but turned it into a slam dunk. Here’s how he did it:

  1. He plead for people to understand how much he cares about connecting with others.

  2. He communicated that many people have relied on him for strength in difficult moments in the past.

  3. He communicated that he understands things have changed & will do better to be above board.

The VA way of late? Admit no wrongdoing and hold on for dear life? Public opinion shows...Biden’s way showed conviction, and it will help his campaign. We hope your campaign learns from it as well!