Send Text Blasts

Almost everyone has a phone nowadays, which is why if you are trying to maximize your chances of winning an election or getting voters to pay attention to your political issues, then Maximizing Your Campaign Texts is the way to go. Texting a few people won’t do, you have to text everyone, and text them consistently with new updates or information on new events.

Texts Above All

Why texts though? Why not email, or calling, or knocking on doors and speaking with people face to face. First off, people don’t check their email as they do their phones, and a ton of emails go unread because they end up in the spam folder. Not only this, but text messages have a higher ‘read’ rate than emails. Secondly, with phone calls, you get voicemails or people who won’t pick up a phone call from an unknown caller. Not only that, but The New York Times interviewed some people in the political realm, one of which said “I don’t know anyone under 45 who wants to be called.” Which is so true. Texting is just so easy and convenient. There are some people who will actually ignore a person’s phone call, just to text them back and say “what”, because they don’t want to physically talk on the phone. Lastly, one little click of a button schedules millions of texts to be sent out to people, whereas if you knock on people’s doors, you might only talk to ten people in an hour. Talk about not being efficient. Not only that but, hello, Coronavirus? Voters most likely don’t want you on their doorstep.

Also according to The New York Times, big politicians who personally used mass texts as a means to reach their voters noted that—“we saw an increase in turnout amongst the communities we reached out via text message during the primary election.” This is huge! Mass texts really do work, and this proves it. Another interviewee made a valid point that “you can’t ignore a text message.” A simple, but true and powerful statement? Raise your hand if you can ignore a text? If you can, you are one of only 2% of the population.

New Voters, More Texts

This year, sending out text blasts is essential to reaching voters. Why is that? Check this out, according to The Atlantic, voter turnout this year could be record-breaking! This was an article that came out in 2019 about how many potential new voters there would be in 2020. Not only that, but the increase in diversity amongst registered voters, and that in fact, this year could be the most diverse electorate America has ever seen. What does this have to do with sending out mass texts? This means that you have a larger outlet for your texts, more people who are fired up and ready to vote, and new voters who are curious and looking for political issues to stand for and stand against.

With all of these fresh and new voters, there is so much potential for candidates. Using a Text Blast Service to Quickly Reach Your Audience is going to be four to five times more effective than any online marketing strategy. There are a ton of Millenials who are just hopping on the voter train, and by sending out mass texts you have the power to reach them and leave an imprint on whether or not they will vote for you or your cause.

Considering how much Millennials use their phones, and how most of the younger generations always have their phones on them, it is no wonder why using texts is so effective when it comes to political campaigns. Millennials, out of any other generation, have the highest cell phone usage and ownership rates.

Not only this but with everything going on in the world, and all the political controversy and conversations that are happening, people desperately want to vote. By sending out texts to them, you are giving them what they want, you are informing them, and engaging them in a meaningful matter.

Millennials aren’t going anywhere, and the generation that is after them is just going to be even more technologically inclined and eager. Get ahead of the game, don’t miss out on connecting with these generations that are new to voting. This is your chance, seize it!

How to Send Out Blasts

This one is easy. If you have a contact list of your own, you can use those, but when you use Robocent, you have the option of using our carefully put together voters list. After you upload your contacts or choose our list, you craft your personalized message for voters, schedule what time of day to send out the blast, and boom, you’re done. You have just created and scheduled your first text blast.

How many texts can you send through to voters? However many you would like. Each initial text cost 12 cents, and then there are extra costs depending on if our agents send out response texts, if there are pictures in the texts or extra characters. Since you pay per message, you can create a budget, and stick to it. The best part is that there are no restrictions when it comes to who you send your texts to since we have real people sending out and responding to all of your texts.

Without text blasts, there is just no other way to reach people and efficiently respond. You are busy, there is no time to sit there and send out individual messages, much less respond to each of them. This is why we have our agents send out your pre-made text, and they have a series of automated messages to send back to the voters once they receive a response back. This kind of reach would be impossible without our technology.

Text Blasts Don’t Have to Be Impersonal

You have probably received texts yourself from a company that is sent out to everyone, let’s say your favorite online clothing company. These texts usually read something like, “Hey there, you’re the lucky winner of 20% off your next purchase! Shop now to claim your prize.” You know you aren’t the lucky winner, and that everyone who is signed up for that company’s SMS list got that same message. The texts that you send out to voters don’t have to be like that. They might be text blasts, but you can still personalize them. You can have the names associated with your contact list or the one that we provide linked so that when a text goes out, it starts with “Good afternoon Jeff!”

Not only can you include a personalized name, but as mentioned before, with our conversation start feature, our agents can reply back with information about you, your campaign, your website, and more. Talk about personalization! Text blasts don’t have to be one and done, because how ineffective would that be? If you sent out a text saying something like, “Hi Jennifer, there is a rally tomorrow at the plaza, can we count on you being there?” What if Jennifer replied with something like “What time?” and all she heard on the other end was crickets. At least with automated replies, one of our agents can connect her with your website by sending a text message to follow up that says, “for more information check out (website).”

Email blasts, if that is a thing, is ineffective for another reason. Have you ever received an email that at the very bottom said something like: “Please do not reply to this message. This email was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming email.”? Or perhaps in the email domain, it was something like [email protected]? This is ineffective because clearly people cannot respond to these emails, so where do they reach someone at?

Text blasts work because they urge for a response, and give voters a real outlet to respond to versus an email that leads to nowhere-land.

Start a Conversation

Think about all the conversations that can be started just by sending out a text blast. Let’s say you text five thousand people. Well, each of those five thousand people probably has someone next to them when they receive their text. Maybe they are at work talking with coworkers, or they are at a family event. Someone that they are with might ask who texted them, and they reply with your name, this gets a conversation going. It sparks thought and now two people are talking about you and the message that you sent and what they think about that message and maybe even if they should respond or not. So with that text to five thousand people, you could have the potential to reach more than that just by word of mouth and conversation, and that is powerful.

So forget emailing, calling, or going door to door, and start sending out your text blast with Robocent today! Request a Text Message Marketing demo and see how sending out text blasts will change your political campaign forever!