Script Content Standards

What you can and cannot say in Peer-to-Peer Text Messages.

The Key to Success

It’s key to your campaign’s success that your messages have not only the highest delivery rates, but that your account also stays in good standing with both RoboCent as well as the carriers. The following tips will give you information on exactly how to do this.

Merge Fields

A Merge Field is also called a Template Variable. It’s a field you’ll see housed inside curly brackets {like_this}.

What this does is lets us merge in any information that we want/need from a data set. An example would be a voter file that we merge directly into the individual script for each text message sent out.

Sending specific information, such as the contact’s first name in an individual text, requires that you use a merge field.

Example of a RoboCent Script

RoboCent will send a text that looks like this:
Hi {contactfirstname}, this is {agentfirstname} with George Patterson for Governor.

The contact will see a text like this:
Hi Sam, this is Rachel with George Patterson for Governor.

Script Requirements

The requirements you need to meet are very strict, and it’s important that you always follow them closely.

Texts Must Include Name of Person Sending Text

You can meet this requirement with {agentfirstname} merge field.
The scrip will look like this:
“Hi {firstname}, this is {agentfirst_name} with Patterson for Senate.”

The contact will see:
“Hi John, this is Sarah with Patterson for Senate.”

Scripts Must Include Recipient’s Name

You can achieve this with a {firstname} merge field.
The script will look like this:
“Hi {first
name}, this is {agentfirstname} with Patterson for Senate.” The contact will see:
“Hi John, this is Sarah with Patterson for Senate.”

Scripts Must Clearly Identify Responsible Organization

Your script needs to clearly identify the party/organization responsible for sending the text message.

The script will look like these examples:
“Hi {firstname}, this is {agentfirst_name} with Patterson for Senate.” Or
“…Thank you. Patterson for Senate. stop = end”

Script Perspective Must Be in “First Person”

Text messages sent by humans must be in the first person perspective, like this:
“I was wondering if you would like a ride to the polls.” Or
“We are hoping to see you at our event!”

Every Script Has to Have ‘Reply Stop’ Opt-Out Instructions
All of the following are examples of acceptable verbiage:
“Reply Stop to End” Or
“Reply Stop to Unsubscribe” Or
“Opt-Out Reply with Stop”

Vary Text Scripts by Maximizing Merge Fields

When you’re sending out mass political campaign texts, you’ll want to make sure that the scripts aren’t identical. This personalization will reduce any false “spam” blocking:

“Hey {firstname} John, this is {agentname} Ashley and I wanted to invite you to our event on Saturday!”

No SPAM Text Messages

You have to make your text messages look a normal text conversation between two people. Peer-to-Peer is 1:1 texting. This means that if the texts look, feel, or read in a fake way, the carriers will block them.

Scrips Can’t Be in ALL CAPS

Texts containing words or phrases that are in all caps look unnatural and are likely to be blocked by the carriers. Use the proper case.

Do Not Use Flagged Words or Prohibited Topics in Texts

Keep reading below for examples of Flagged Keywords and Prohibited Topics.

Domains (Links/URLs)

Links Must Direct to a Legitimate Website for the Registered Sender
Websites must contain contact information with the site owner and purpose being clearly labeled.

**No Shortened URLs, Including,, and more

Always use the full and real domain name.

  • instead of,, or a shortened URL such as

  • Not using the full URL can cause display issues on some devices. Make sure your URL includes the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to ensure full compatibility on all mobile devices. This is a Carrier Requirement to help prevent spam on the networks. Messages with shortened URLs will be immediately blocked by the MNOs, regardless of 10DLC Registration Status.

No Redirect URLs

  • Make sure URLs stay the same when opened (no blind redirects, 301 & 302 redirects are okay).

Only Use Healthy, Spam Free Domains

  • Do not use domains that have a bad reputation or have carrier-level blocking. If the URLs have been used by your organization for outbound texting before registering your account with RoboCent’s 10DLC verification system, there is a possibility it is blocked by the carriers.

Defamation and Libel Prohibited

Carriers hate risk. Any text message containing information that could be considered defamatory is a violatation of our Terms of Service and will be immediately rejected by the carriers.

However, comparisons to political opponents ARE allowed if the opponents name is not used in the text message.

Examples of Approved Scripts

The following are examples of approved scripts:

"Did you hear what my opponent said last week about [topic]? Read this article to learn more: [link to article]" [Generally Approved] "My opponent has been in office for 16 years and has gotten very little done. When you elect John Smith, he will get things done starting on day 1!" [Generally Approved]

Examples of Prohibited Scripts

The following are examples of prohibited scripts:

"Did you hear what Tim Potter said last week about [topic]? Read this article to learn more: [link to article]" [Prohibited]b

"Tim Potter has been in office for 16 years and has gotten very little done. When you elect John Smith, he will get things done starting on day 1!" [Prohibited]

Flagged Keywords

The following words are flagged by the carriers and will result in carrier filtering. Due to this, our system prohibits the use of any of the following keywords:

Businesses, COVID-19, pandemic, learn more, register, smallbiz, biz, free quote, free, bank, HARP, Department of Education, entitled, reduced, refi, refinance, payment, discharge lend, lending, profanity, lender, loan, loans, fund, funds, bank, approval, approved, debt, money, rate, apply, application, CBD, transfer, qualify, forgive, forgiveness, sex, sexual, firearm(s), gun(s), weapon(s), tobacco, cannabis, marijuana, vape, vaping, $ symbol, any drug or alcohol related words, repeating symbols (Ex !!!) (ALL CAPS are also prohibited).

Prohibited Topics

Commercial or sales messaging prohibits the following topics:

Messages containing personal attacks, sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, tobacco content, vaping, weapons, drugs, cannabis, gambling, fraud, spam, phishing, deceptive marketing, distribution or malware or app downloads from non-secure locations, loan, debt consolidation, debt relief and student loan programs from any enterprise that is not able to grant loans itself, affiliate marketing programs that seek to obtain opt-in subscriber lists, lead generation campaigns that indicate the sharing of collected information with third parties, work from home opportunities.

Full Opt-Out Compliance

RoboCent eliminates the guesswork out of honoring Opt-Out requests. Our system automatically determines if a contact has opted out using one of our keywords (such as stop, remove, unsubscribe).

If a contact submits an Opt-Out request, their number will be added to our internal DNC list which guarantees that they will never receive another text from your organization.

RoboCent takes opt-out requests very seriously and we make sure to correctly honor them.

Examples of Good Scripts

The following are examples of good scripts that you’ll want to follow closely:

“Hi {fname}! This is {agentfirstname} with [Organization]. Today is Election Day! Polls are open from 7am to 7pm. Make your voice heard and vote for [Candidate] to improve our schools. Learn more about [Candidate's] stance on the issues at: [website] stop=end.”

“Hi {fname}! This is [candidatename] and I'm running for the [office sought]. I'm texting to respectfully ask for your vote this November. I hope to be elected with your help so I can serve you and our community. Your vote is very important to me. Supporting our students, law enforcement, small businesses, and promoting economic growth are my main priorities. Please, stand with me on Election Day! Thank you for your time and remember to vote! This message sent with the help of {agentfirst_name} on behalf of [organization]. You can opt-out of receiving these messages by responding with STOP.”

“Hi {fname}! This is {agentfirstname} with [Organization]. This is a quick reminder that the Vote by Mail deadline is fast approaching! Return your VBM ballot ASAP to ensure your vote is counted. Let me know if you need any help! Want to unsubscribe? Reply w/ stop.”

“Hello, {fname}. I'm {agentfirstname} reaching out with [Candidate], your former state representative. [Candidate] is now running for Mayor of [city]. He is a lifelong resident of our city running to rebuild downtown, provide more options for our children, more activities for our seniors, to support our industries and small businesses. [Candidate] is running to make [city] cleaner, safer, and better. With your vote we can make [city] the ideal place to live, work, and raise a family. We hope to count on your vote on Election Day! Reply Stop to End.”

“We hope you're ready for the Campaign Kickoff Event tonight at 6:00p, {fname}! Free food & drinks at [location address]. We, {agentfirstname}, [volunteer1] [volunteer2] [volunteer3], look forward to seeing you tonight! Reply stop to be removed from future text messages.”

“Hi {fname}, please vote NO against the tax hike my opponent is pushing for! This new tax will cost taxpayers an extra $300/year! This tax is much too high during a recession. Vote NO against this tax hike by voting for [candidatename]. This message was sent by volunteer {agentfirst_name} on behalf of [organization]. Want to Opt-Out? Stop=End.”

“Your voice is your vote - don't let it be silenced! Please remember to come out and vote on Tuesday for [candidate]. This election is too important, {fname} - we must come out with the full force of our party to bring everlasting change to {city}. Will you join our team and vote for [candidate] on Tuesday? I look forward to hearing back from you! This is {agentfirstname} and I look forward to hearing from you! stop=end.”

More Information

Because script content standards are so rigorous, there’s a lot of important information you need to know.

Why So Strict?

In order to block traffic across their systems, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile use a series of secret, complex algorithms. These blocking algorithms are designed solely to stop spam from reaching their customers’ phones.

High-volume texts can sometimes mess up these algorithms, in which case they’ll pick up and block messages that aren’t spam.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you closely follow our script guidelines. This will let your messages go through, and will ensure that your account remains in good standing with the carriers.

Is This Related to 10DLC?

Yes! The 10DLC registration process notifies the carriers of the kinds of messages you’re intending to send before they’re sent, which helps make sure that your message content and brand are whitelisted.

10DLC can greatly lessen the chance of carrier filtering because you’re pre-informing the carriers of what sort of messages you’re planning to send before they’re sent and hit the network.

Merge Field Success

What a merge field does is pull data out of the file and then plug it into each text message’s script.

In order for merge fields to work, first the field you’re trying to map needs to actually exist in your voter file. The correct data also needs to have been mapped with the Phone List Scrubber.

Legal Stuff

It’s essential to make sure you’re strictly following the RoboCent Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy when using our app.

RoboCent Terms of Service

Here’s where you can read our terms of service.

Acceptable Use Policy

Here’s where you can read our acceptable use policy.

Message Review

Each new script that’s given to RoboCent for outbound sending will be reviewed by a human. We take compliant messaging seriously, and the human-conducted review is an essential step.

Although RoboCent can Accept or Reject a script, Users must still apply due diligence to ensure that they always adhere to the Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Script Content Standards.

Because humans can make mistakes, messages containing violations of our requirements can still occasionally be approved. In these cases, the responsibility, outcome, and penalties associated with this will be the sole responsibility of the User responsible for the content.

RoboCent is never responsible for the content of our Users’ messages. Regardless of the human review process approving or rejecting a message, the ultimate responsibility for message content is that of the User.

Script Modification

In case your script omits required information such as: Opt-Out language, Organization name, Agent First Name, etc., we may add this information to your script without notifying you prior to the change.

Any changes we make to a customer's script are done in order to ensure full compliance. However, RoboCent will not change the tone, language, or specific details of your script. Any changes will be done strictly to ensure approval by the carriers when an omission would otherwise cause the script to be rejected.