News Gets More Shocking Everyday, and It Probably Will Affect the Mid-Terms

Here’s a gentle recap of the week’s news:

—Our President is on record as discrediting the testimony of a woman who claims a SCOTUS nominee assaulted her

—Our President’s longtime legal council reportedly worked with the Special Counsel’s team for several hours on details behind the campaign’s dealings with Russia and then-candidate Trump’s financial ties with the foreign country.

—The most recent polls show that Democrats are, in fact, taking ground with seats that currently belong to the GOP.

Notice the third bullet point: that is a reasonable public response during an administration and former election cycle that typically defies reason. Politico’s latest ratings show seven primary Republican House seats more and more leaning Democratic.

What’s more is that voters truly believe that the GOP tax bill (President Trump’s signature achievement) is more beneficial for the rich than for the middle class.

Perhaps we’re seeing a beginning, slightly burgeoning view of a precipice in the Trump era— paving the way for natural public opinion to rule once again.