The Basics of Incumbency Protection

As we mentioned last week, we’re starting a series on what has been called Incumbency Protection— or the commitment to maintaining and building strategic electoral support while in office.

How can this happen? Simply by doing your job of representing and governing well, correct? Yes and no.

Voters need to feel understood by those they’ve hired to represent them or they won’t want to elect them again. Simple enough, but this principle is elusive enough that well over one thousand incumbent elected officials across the US either retire or are beaten every cycle.

Nobody is suggesting your campaign become a fully functional operation for 24/7/365, but certain elements of it absolutely should. If you can invest in a system that will allow you to do the following, you will undoubtedly protect your incumbency:

—Engage with voters (sounds simple enough, right?)

—Recognize those doing great work in your community

—Host “off-season” campaign events periodically

Our series on Incumbency Protection will perhaps be full of the most valuable information we have published, and you will not want to miss it! To get into the details on how this works, tune in next Wednesday.