Just Woke Up After Election Day.....NOW’S the Time to Prep for Next Year

You’ve made it through another hectic election year, and now you’re probably relaxing ahead of the holidays and thinking as little as possible about running your next campaign.

That’s great— but here are one thought to ponder while enjoying the next month “off.”

Winning campaigns win before they start.

This is a simple thought and certainly not meant to guilt-trip your holiday relaxation. However, it doesn’t take much work to put put the right contacts together ahead of your campaign. Think about the following:

—“Who’s who” in the districts, municipalities, states etc that you’re running in? What major schools, businesses or non-profits operate within your scope? Find out, reach out and make the early relationships before they seem opportunitistic.

That’s it! Congrats on making another year running political campaigns and contributing to the democratic process in a huge way. Now you should get back to relaxing.