Introducing: The RoboCent Blog

We at RoboCent, Inc. think it’s important our clients and the polling industry at large understand our company’s values and goals. We know polling isn’t merely estimating election outcomes - it’s about understanding the fundamental issues that are framing Americans’ perspectives and in turn driving their behaviors and voting tendencies. But we won’t stop there - imagine a company dedicated not only to running polls, surveys and creating beautifully simple websites on demand and with competitive pricing, but one that is also committed to catalyzing public opinion to bring real change.

So here at RoboCent, our goal is more than a one-time or periodic transactional relationships with clients. It’s about identifying what matters to people - integrating data and political movements towards the goal of developing a more accessible, streamlined and accountable democratic process. is where you can check in to hear about what’s going on behind the scenes. What implications does a political candidate’s rising popularity have on our country’s outlook of the future? How do foreign relations affect prices at the supermarket? Why does it even matter if people choose to vote in elections?

Questions like those are critical to understanding where values and culture intersect with politics, and RoboCent is committed to cultivating the important discussions that translate to a more open political process.

-The RoboCent Team