If You’re Not Using SMS Tech to Engage Voters, You’re Behind

Campaigns Struggle to Keep Voter’s Attention

Americans’ participation in elections is very poor when compared to the citizens of other developed nations, according to Pew. It’s not difficult to see why: our candidates in major elections seem to always be stuck in historically low favorability numbers and every few years these elections do more to point out our country’s sharp differences than build any meaningful bridges.

Here’s how RoboCent Can Help

How do modern campaigns get the attention of voters despite this? By reaching them the only way they’re sure to get voters’ attention— on their cell phones.

With the Millenial and Gen X generations most likely making up the majority of voters in 2020, it is time to engage politically active members of your district consistently and with compelling information.

SMS Connect gives your campaign the chance to do just that: grab the attention of voters who will cast the deciding votes in your races for years to come.

Check out the link above to learn about the most cutting-edge method to rob votes from your opposition and build energetic support. Not sure about it? That’s fine— take 500 free SMS messages on us to try it out.