"How To Work Emojis Into Your Texting Program" Courtesy C & E

SMS Tree + Emoticons = Success

One of the most innovative services we offer at RoboCent is the SMS Tree. With it, you can designated pre-planned and immediate responses when voters text your campaign phone number.

Example: An Atlanta mayoral campaign might include the following verbiage on some literature: “Text PROGRESS to 678.243.7737 to learn how Mayor Reed’s accomplishments have helped our great city so far." After a voter sends that keyword to the phone number, they might get a blurb on the top achievements by that politician or even a video sent directly to the phone.

From the article:

"But as texting has become a staple of campaign strategy, even top strategists are still trying to understand how to best utilize the channel. How informal can you go? For instance, the addition of emojis to a text is a standard that many people accept, and failure to use them runs the risk of making the message feel dated."

Read this article from our friends at Campaigns & Elections to learn how to best use emojis when employing the RoboCent SMS Tree service. It's great information!


Picture credit: Campaigns & Elections