How To Schedule a Text Message Campaign with RoboCent

Scheduling a text message campaign has never been easier with RoboCent. Whether you are a newbie or have been doing this for a while, this guide will walk you through every step of the process. Let's dive right in.

The scheduler is available in your account at:

Step 1: Message Type

Upon logging in, you'll first need to decide on the type of message you wish to send. RoboCent provides the flexibility to send:

  • Text Messages to mobile phones
  • Voice Calls to landlines

For the purpose of this guide, we'll focus on Text Marketing. (Note: If you're looking for Call Marketing, there's a separate guide for that.) Click Here

Step 2: Organization

Opt for the organization under which you want to run this campaign.
The platform will automatically choose the most recent organization you've used. If required, you can change this or even create a new one by selecting "+ Create New Organization".

Assign a distinct name to your campaign, ensuring easy identification later on. For example, you could label it "Endorsement Text from Gov. Allen".

Step 3: Date and Time

Ensure you specify:

  • Start Date: The day your campaign goes live.
  • Start Time: The exact time it starts.
  • Time Zone: Relevant to your audience.
  • Campaign Duration: How long it will run.

Once active, you'll get a seven-day window to monitor inbound messages and engage with contacts.

Step 4: Contact List

You can either upload a new list or select an existing one for your campaign.

Using the "Scrub Phone List" button allows you to see the number of landlines vs. mobile phones, and also provides a handy Cost Summary.

Need assistance with this? Check out our comprehensive guide. (Click Here)

Step 5: Scripts

Scripts form the backbone of your campaign. Here, you can:

  • Craft or choose an Intro Script sent to every contact.
  • Prepare Response Scripts.

These preloaded answers to common queries help facilitate faster communication.

Struggling? Here's another helpful guide for you. (Click Here)

Step 6: Decide the Messenger

This is crucial! Every message legally needs to be sent by a human.

Decide if:

  • Your team manages the texts.
  • You'd prefer RoboCent's dedicated agents to do the heavy lifting.

If you're in two minds, our messenger guide can clear things up.

Opting for Self-Service? Add agents, and you can invite them using their email. These agents can be assigned even before they sign up.

Step 7: Phone Number Specifics

To boost engagement:

  • Define the Inbound Routing Number.
  • Specify the Area Code for matching purposes.
  • Provide the State as a fallback for sending numbers if there's a scarcity in the chosen area code.

Step 8: Payment Details

For seamless operation:

  • Add a credit card and consider enabling AutoPay.
  • Remember, RoboCent operates on a PrePay model, ensuring your campaign rolls out only post-payment. Setting up AutoPay guarantees timely dispatch.

Step 9: Review Cost Summary & Schedule Campaign

Now, all you need is to review the cost summary and hit Schedule. Voila! Your campaign is set.

Congrats! You're all set with your Text Message Campaign on RoboCent. Keep an eye on the "Live Results and Details" page to track real-time progress.

For those who picked the "Self-Service" option, remember to log in at the stipulated start time. The Agent Portal will be your go-to for dispatching messages. A handy text reminder will notify you when your campaign is ready to roll.

Want to master message dispatch? Here's a step-by-step guide just for that. (Click Here)

Happy texting! Remember, RoboCent is here to simplify your text campaign journey every step of the way.