How to know when it’s time to fire someone from the campaign

Regardless of one’s temperament, it is not an easy decision to let someone go from working on a campaign or in any organization. See below to learn the three factors that should go into considering a staffing “upgrade.”

Regular and repeated mistakes

“You can never make the same mistake twice, because the second time you make it it’s not a mistake - it’s a choice” - Steven Denn. Late on expense reports. Communication breakdowns between volunteers and staff leading to event-day confusion. A proclivity toward tardiness. An err of forgetfulness that caused regular issues for others. All these can scale between minor and major offenses, but on repeat can create massive barriers for political campaigns. Be sure to coach your employees and be ready to give constructive, developmental feedback to them at all times - but don’t tolerate the same issues over and over.

Inability to grow

We are only as good as our last interaction. As professionals, there should be an amount of personal pride we take in improvement, hitting metrics and growing to rise to the occasion called for in the job at hand. If an employee refuses to share in this have hired the wrong person.

Flippancy or disrespect for role

If both previous marks are issues with an individual, and there is an added layer of sarcasm or nonchalantness added to the mix - it is definitely time to part with said person. You want a culture of respect and “whatever it takes” to permeate throughout the office and bleed into volunteers and other stakeholders. A staff member who does not carry him or herself in a way to reflect this is a dead weight!