How to Hire The People Who Will Win Your Campaign

Last week we went into depth on who NOT to hire to run your campaign.

Today? Let’s circle back on the question of staff and talk about the traits you need on every level of campaign staff/ leadership.

1// A winning edge

Whoever you hire needs to be a winner. Please don’t settle for your friend’s cousin who’s a cheap employee and is interested in politics. You know how to tell if someone wants to put you over the top or just work for you without regard for the outcome? Ask them.

Set expectations for the final six months of the campaign extremely high for the commitment level you’re looking for. It’s a six-day-a-week, all business day and many night business... in the GOTV stage especially.

Are they good with that? Do they WANT you to win? Their answer to you and their actual interest level will be obvious to tell apart if there is one.

2// An agreeing advantage

Only hire people who believe in your political philosophy yet will help you refine yours. You need to trust that they will carry your vision forward to his/her staff and the public...if that’s not the case don’t waste your time.

That’s about it! Hire a winner who subscribes to your beliefs. Only interview people who you already believe those two qualities exist from the jump.

Tune in next week for more campaign insight!