How SMS Marketing can Help Your Political Campaign in 2022

When the aim is to reach as many people as possible, text messaging is the number one method of communication. With a 98% open rate, you can send your political campaign marketing messages straight into the hands of voters.

From collecting donations to accruing more votes, political text messaging can make or break your campaign efforts. Here’s how (and why) to introduce it into your strategy.

Is Text Messaging Effective for Political SMS Campaigns?

Text message campaigning is one issue both parties can agree on. In 2008, candidate Barack Obama announced his Vice President pick of Joe Biden to nearly three million Americans via text messaging.

Obama went on to use those three million contacts to organize rallies, inform supporters, and generate record-shattering donations from grassroots contributors. Many analysts credit Obama’s win to this strong engagement through emerging media.

The Romney campaign championed texting as well, stating that “the American public has embraced texting as an important form of communication and commerce.”

When you’re running for political office, whether it’s the Oval Office or a spot on city council, staying closely connected with voters is the key to victory.

Texting can turn the tide of an election. When everyone has the right to vote, you need to reach everyone, and that’s easier said than done. 97% of Americans own a cell phone, making it the most efficient way to reach your audience.

If your opponent uses political SMS marketing, you’re going to get left behind. Here are some political text message examples you can apply to your campaign strategy.

Political Campaign Text Message Examples

Prominent politicians have used texts to their advantage. What are the best ways to use political text messages for your campaign?

From voter registration to sharing your politics, here are just a few common uses.

  • Voting day reminder: Send registered voters a friendly text on election day reminding them to cast their vote. You can even include a link to help them find their polling place! Leading up the election, be sure to give constituents notice of early and absentee voting deadlines.

There are millions of U.S. citizens who still aren’t registered to vote. Regardless of your party or beliefs, texting can also be a great way to encourage people to get active and exercise their 15th amendment right. Use your voice to encourage voter registration. That way, win or lose, you’ve made a difference!

  • Event alerts: The campaign trail keeps your calendar packed with events. The success of each one is often related to how many people you can get in the room. Maximize your success and invite your supporters to rallies, town hall meetings, and other campaign events all via text message! If they can’t make it, be sure to alert them about important media appearances they won’t want to miss as well.

  • Important announcements: Like Obama’s historic text message, making anticipated announcements via text is a great way to actively involve supporters. Releasing information in politics is always a carefully crafted process, and you want to make sure your message is heard when you want it to be. With 90% of text messages read within three minutes of receipt, you can take control of your narrative when you need to.

Examples of political announcement text messages could be: election day vote count updates, running mate decisions, debate highlights, and event reminders.

  • Organize volunteers: Text messaging makes grassroots organizing a snap. If your constituents can’t donate money, a great alternative is asking them to donate time. Organize rallies and recruit volunteers all with a simple text.

  • Take a stance: Stay ahead of the media curve. Communicate your politics on emerging issues with registered voters instantly and let your supporters know where you stand. You can even text out guides or infographics via MMS that let your supporters know a rundown of your opinions on key issues. This will help keep them educated and your political text messages understood.

  • Mobilize the youth vote: Among young adults 18–34, texting is the single most preferred channel for personal communications. Connect with young people personally to win their hearts, minds, and ultimately their votes.

Rules and Regulations For Political Text Messages

Text marketing is guided by all things compliance . But when it comes to political text messages, extra precautions should be taken to ensure no campaign regulations are broken.

First and foremost, ensure that you’re advertising the fact that replying to messages with STOP will unsubscribe someone at any time. Additionally, know that it is illegal to buy phone numbers or contact lists and send them messages without express written consent. And, as always, check with your legal counsel for any other campaign rules you’ll need to follow.

How to Get Voters to Sign Up

You’ve seen how powerful text messages can be to a political campaign. By turning supporters into subscribers, you can better engage the public, organize rallies and events, and ultimately mobilize the vote. Below, we share strategies to help your campaign get as many subscribers as possible.

While there are many ways to collect your supporters’ cell numbers (a digital or physical sign-up form, for example), there’s one method that consistently gets the most subscribers: ask them to text you!

Just have your supporters text your keyword to our toll-free number. They’ll be subscribed automatically—no paperwork and no forms. This makes for a concise call to action and encourages impulsive subscribers. Your keyword confirmation, which can be an SMS or MMS message, also gives you a great opportunity to welcome new subscribers right off the bat!


Text “TRUMP” to (833) 602-8038 to get messages from Donald Trump!
Text “BIDEN” to (833) 602-8038 for text alerts from the President!

Get the Word Out
With such a simple sign-up, the only thing left to do is spread the (key)word! Before anything else, you should integrate your keyword into any existing campaign materials. Here are just a few places to include your call to action:

Lawn signs
Bumper stickers
Flyers and handouts at events
Campaign bus design
Campaign website
Rallies and events
Media appearances

Use Political SMS Marketing to Motivate Voters

Tons of supporters will subscribe to your text campaign simply because they support you. But there’s even more who need just a bit of motivation to get interested. Maximize your subscribers by employing one or more of these enticing incentives.

A classical marketing strategy, sweepstakes have been used by politicians to generate interest, donations, and valuable contacts.

Text WASHINGTON to (833) 602-8038 to enter for your chance to win a personal dinner with George!

Anticipated announcements

As Obama did with his announcement of running mate Joe Biden, an anticipated announcement is an excellent incentive. Offer supporters who subscribe the chance to hear it first.

Who will John pick for his veep? Find out first! Text “ADAMS” to to get an alert the minute of the pick!

Early access

Give subscribers early access to fundraiser tickets, front-row spots at rallies, and other promotional perks.

Want a chance to get tickets to Abraham’s fundraiser before everyone else? Text LINCOLN to (833) 602-8038 for early access to tickets and other opportunities!

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