Here’s How NOT to Use Social Media

As the current president continues to fire off senseless and idiotic colorful tweets both from his personal and official Twitter accounts, we figured this was as best a time as any to revisit social media best practices.

Consider this your shorthand guide to social media failure, and remember that social media is not a tool, but a relationship.

What to avoid


Want a sure fire way to never gain traction with your digital presence? Update your platforms less often than what is industry standard, and you’ll be sure to squander opportunity.

Lack of purpose

Each message, on every platform (yes including Twitter to the website to email marketing to Facebook to LinkedIn to Google+ should remind people of the purpose, provide an opportunity to learn more/ get involved and connect to the other platforms.


Prioritization is a word right? Le’ts make this clear: you need to hire a staff person solely for social media. Digital Media Specialist is a popular and narrow-enough title, and this person should have purview over photography and branding along with the social media responsibilities.

#RoboCentProTip: Try not to blatantly insult people on your social media profiles.