Grassroots Best Practices: Who to Hire

We have talked about what responsibilities a Grassroots department should focus on and the common mistakes made in said department. This blog will focus on two main characteristics a Campaign Manager or Consultant should look for when hiring Grassroots Directors.

Great at Multi-Tasking

Psychologists might say this doesn’t exist, but grassroots managers they must have this trait. Events, marketing, volunteer coordination, and other all fall under the Grassroots heading, and it is imperative that every task is being taken care of with the intention of growth. There is no point in hiring someone who does not have a proven track record of performing at a high capacity while managing many responsibilities.


“There cannot be growth without measurement.” An implicit responsibility under Grassroots is growth. Month over month, year over year, and campaign over campaign increases in the number of installed signs and volunteers growth (for example) should be the goal. Part of the job is knowing what last campaign’s numbers are and the other part is knowing the targets for this campaign’s and how you’ll get there.