Grassroots Best Practices: The 5 Pillars

Below are the Five Pillars of Grassroots. Your job as a campaign manager is to equip your Grassroots Director to take care of these responsbilities. Your job as the Grassroots Director is to crush these responsibilities. Being a team player is important, so don’t throw a blog post into your boss’ face if you get asked to do a couple things outside the Five Pillars, but in general you want to focus in on these specific tasks.

Door-knocking: Old school, but necessary neighborhood-by-neighborhood contact. The candidate and spouse should do this when available, and campaigns need to record who their supporters are, who wants a yard sign, and make invites to upcoming events.

Phone-banking: Useful for follow up to absent homeowners during a door-knock and rainy days. This method should be used tactfully, as overdoing it can get on voters’ bad side and cause resentment towards the campaign.

Events: Have some fun, political events! Notice the keyword is fun. Whereas many politicians seem to derive joy from dry pizza parties and bingo nights they love to put on, your events should be different.. Keep it low key, high-energy people will understand what makes your candidate special. A Q&A opportunity is a good idea, as long as it follows the fun rule. Grassroots Directors should be given the freedom to run these, and take point on setting it up.

Yard Signs: These are the organic byproduct of really solid door-knocking and phone-banking. Don’t be afraid to compensate GR staff (if paid) by offering $/ sign, though. Too often it’s made really complicated and honestly, if the voter is on your data list and they support your candidate, the only reason they won’t get a sign is because the campaign rep can’t close the deal. Teach your staff and volunteers how to sell your campaign, use a script and take yard signs very seriously.

Large Signs: Sign types are split up because they require completely different strategies, metrics and mindsets. With large signs (4X8, 5X7 etc.) you should maximize exposure by spreading intelligently throughout the district as to minimize the cost of buying the expensive equipment. Many campaigns have business connections all over a district, and think this necessitates spreading their massive and ugly 4 X 8 signs with stunning obnoxiousness to every street corner. This will cost you major voter goodwill, so be smart about it.

RoboCentProTip: Never let anyone borrow the large sign stakes, as you will most likely not receive them back or get them back damaged.