Figure out why you’re running for office

Many political campaigns stumble simply because voters have no idea what their message is. It is not enough to have a catchy slogan and or even a decent record in business/ politics. Unless there is a singular and unifying theme that can rally people behind your campaign’s purpose, you will most likely not like the results of the election.

Two 2016 examples:

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign for President //

A seasoned politician. The best campaign staff. Years of methodical organizing. The most advanced political data available. All of this loses in epic fashion to Donald Trump, an inexperienced and brash political outsider. What was the main reason Hillary lost? She couldn’t articulate in one sentence why she wanted to be president.

RoboCentProTip: Your rationale for running is not about what you’re better than the opposition, but what drives you to run in the first place.

Virginia Beach Light Rail Expansion Campaign //

As gas prices remain uncomfortable and research into motor vehicle alternatives continues, this campaign failed to make a case for the cost to dramatically expand its reach in a growing metropolitan area.

Now that you know you NEED a primary reason to run a campaign, next week we’ll talk about how to come up with one.