February 27th Could Be a Turning Point in the Trump Admin

Wednesday wasn’t President Trump’s best day in office:

-Michael Cohen’s long-awaited testimony finally took place, during which three huge things happened:

I. Confirmed hush money payments were made to adult film star, “Stormy Daniels,” so that an affair would be kept quiet,

II. Claimed Trump embellished the value of his assets to insurance companies for capital gain

III. Flatly called Trump a racist.

-President Trump did his part to heighten the discomfort his detractors have with his foreign policy, by way of his meeting w North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Trump dropped the demand he’d made for full oversight of the dictator’s nuclear arsenal ahead of their Thursday summit, and also called Un a “great leader.”

Only time will tell whether these issues will turn up the political pressure on Trump as he battles scandals on every side. At the very least, February 27th, 2019 was an unfavorable day for the president.