Democratic Debates, Round 1: What We Saw

We just watched the first two rounds (or was it the first round) of the Democratic debate? Here’s what we learned.

Pete Buttigieg is the youngest, most adult-like competitor in the arena, by far. He didn’t make cheap shots, he spoke when spoken to and offered measured responses.

Joe Biden truly came across as a seasoned, older, statesman...while having clearly lost a step as a debater.

The Moderators were solid facilitators in Day 2, sufferable in Day 1, and miserable if their name is Chuck Todd.

Julian Castro is a confident winner, and he was noticed big time after the first night’s debate. As a middle-of-The-field candidate, he became a standout as a result of the debate.

Debate season is just beginning, and the RoboCent Blog will keep you updated with everything you need to know about the very young 2020 campaign season, as soon as we know.