Culture: Part 2

Last week we began a two-part series on culture - the undercurrent in any organization that either empowers a team towards success or destines it for failure. We'll continue that series today with the final two essential types of culture below.

A Winning Culture

RoboCentProTip: There is no growth without measurement. Goals, achievement and adjustment are necessary in every department of your organization.

As the campaign manager, your job is to communicate the expectation of excellence, follow up, and resource your team to execute their roles to the best of your campaign’s ability. Do your job of inspiring competition within your staff, and they won’t be satisfied beating the political opponent - but will want to constantly improve themselves also.

An Accountability Culture

Your campaign is only as good as its ability to connect goals with results. While bad management runs rampant, political campaigns necessitate positive managers who are willing to follow up with departments with the expectation they are delivering on goals.

RoboCent Pro Tip: Set up regular (weekly) meetings to check in on progress and ask for visual aids to enhance your understanding. Be willing to resource and train your campaign team on an ongoing basis, not just at the start of your campaign.

That finishes the final and second part of our blog series on culture. Stop by again next week for a new blog post that will help your campaign win!