Introducing: The RoboCent Track

Out of the benefits of choosing RoboCent over our competitors, the pride we take in actually helping your campaign win votes is number one. There are a lot of options, and very little info to use to differentiate between all that's out there. What we offer is inscrutably different, because we know how to advise campaigns on the best way to use our services, instead of simply recommending high-volume robocalls that will annoy voters and lose campaign support.

See below for the RoboCent Auto Dials Track - a general "schedule" of our specific products and when the best time to send is. For more info, check out our website and call us at 757.821.2121.

RoboCent Auto Dials Track

Survey - Issues

Send a Survey to learn​ what issues are important to your potential constituency. Recognizing these is instrumental in developing a winning campaign platform.

SMS Tree

Establish your campaign phone number early, and set up a few keywords to include on all print & digital material.

Example: An Atlanta mayoral campaign might include the following verbiage:

“Text CHOICE to 757-347-8157 to learn how Mayor Reed’s accomplishments have helped our great City of Atlanta.”

RoboCentProTip: On iPhones, videos and website links have a really engaging preview feature. Many voters could play videos and interact with campaign website material directly from their texting app if this feature is used correctly.

Survey - Favorability

Learn where your candidate stands in the race by gauging voter support. With the correct parameters, this can be done scientifically to provide a clear and updated view of the race.

RoboCall - Intro

Introduce candidacy and pitch overall vision/ reason for running. Voters should feel connected to your campaign when receiving this call.

RoboCall - “Moderate” Voters

Make pitch to moderate voters. Campaigns should focus on inclusive messaging and speaking about broad issues that impact many voters.


Create opportunity for mass direct voter contact by having your candidate give a concise message and then open the floor for questions directly by voters. The campaign can engage with future constituents from the comfort of a home or office.

Survey - Campaign Kick-Off

Invite voters to your campaign’s kick-off celebration. Leave about three weeks of lead time before the event, and don’t be shy to send out a reminder call to those who plan on attending.

RoboCentProTip: Using a Survey here is important. Voters who RSVP “yes” to the event should be treated as potential supporters, and their data should be categorized in your campaign apparatus as such. Future yard sign locations, GOTV conversions and volunteer programs might all be identified here.

Survey - Grassroots

Follow up your neighborhood grassroots efforts through a telephone survey. Gauge support, plug event registration and even gain yard sign locations through a survey.


Gauge voter support between your campaign and the primary opposition’s.

Example: “Are you more comfortable supporting a local job-creator, like Tim Robbins, in his campaign for Governor or an out-of-town developer relying on dark money to steal this election, like Macy Gray?”

RoboCentProTip: Voters can smell desperation - be sure to keep your Push-Polls level headed.

RoboCall - GOTV

This is the most critical point in the campaign schedule - by far. Data suggests up to 15% of voters are undecided within 10 days of the election​. Campaigns are won and lost in the GOTV phase. Professional campaigns know how to turn undecided voters into campaign supporters using RoboCent.