A Campaign Roadmap

Running campaigns might often feel like a joyride of reorganization, messaging and staffing. What most campaigns could use is a better timeline for when to do what throughout the campaign’s duration.

Below is a stock timeline for Campaign Management, assuming a regular election date in November:

18 - 12 months out

— Your candidate should have a campaign manager, a campaign logo and a tag line.

— Next up you’re hiring and designing the strategy of the race. How will you win this campaign?

11 - 9 months out

—Your grassroots strategy is developed, your team is fully hired and you’re full-speed-ahead attending events before the primary.

8-5 months out

—Primary season: your first campaign is about separating yourself from a field of ideologically similar competitors.

—Attend every event your competitors are a part of, and do a better job at what they’re doing to win.

4-2 months out

—The most important chapter of your campaign. You’ve moved past the annoyance of that first-round series (the primary), and now voters have only you and one other person to choose between.

— You’re communicating how better your ideas are for a community’s future. You’re doing it with pizazz and deep empathy, so voters feel like you’re with them.

1 month out: GOTV

—Your coalitions and volunteers are going all out to ensure neighborhoods, events, businesses, churches etc are SWAMPED with your campaign’s message. Nobody who’s voting should not know who you are and what you want to do when elected.


This should be a helpful overall tool when creating the timeline for your campaign. Tune back next week for more helpful campaign info!