2 Primaries In, 2016 is the Strangest Election Year Yet

The outlook in 2016 is wildly different than that of 2015.

Just SEVEN MONTHS AGO, the 2016 presidential election campaign was written off as a classic bout between two iconic American political dynasties.

Now, a proud socialist from Vermont named Bernie just decimated Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary and The Donald looks increasingly impossible to beat for the GOP nomination.

While there many ways to look at public policy and political trends, this one seems pretty clear cut: We’re either excited that a couple of true “outsiders” are stealing the show against the families who always run for office, or we’re terrified at the prospect that one of these guys may actually win the White House.

Regardless of your perspective, we have an interesting political year ahead of us, and it will reveal a lot about what Americans value in their elected leadership.

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