16 Days Out, the VA Governor Race is Tighening

While Democrat Ralph Northam had a considerable lead over the GOP’s Ed Gillespie for most of this year, the race has gotten much closer in recent weeks.

Northam is a veteran, practicing doctor and the state’s current Lieutenant Governor. Political scientists gauge this race as a response to last year’s surprise win by Donald Trump in his campaign for president, and largely expected Northam to win the Governor’s Mansion handily in an electoral rebound.

Gillespie is a communications veteran of the George W. Bush administration, former lobbyist and consultant to Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. Gillespie is a starter in running for office, as his senate race in 2014 failed. He spent almost $9 less per vote than this opponent and failed by under a percentage point.

As is traditional, the weeks leading up to the election will continue to tighten the polling and the rhetoric will likely ramp up as well.