10 Reasons to NOT Use Text Message Marketing

Being on board one of the most innovative marketing trends of 2019 is exhilarating, as the platform is constantly updating and changing to fit updates in phone tech. However, we here at RoboCent do like to stay humble. We understand that, like in every good business and field, SMS Marketing has its cons. We know that there are candidates out there who don't want to try out our service, and that's alright.

In response to these pros and cons, we're created a list to help people make a decision about our service. Down below, we've listed 10 reasons to NOT use SMS Marketing. Read carefully, and we hope that we're able to help inform your decision on whether or not sms marketing is right for you.

1. If You Want to Ignore Trends

At this point, it's pretty apparent that sms marketing is one of the most competitive trends in the political sphere. Your campaign might even currently find itself in the midst of opponents who are using political campaign text messages. If you'd like to lose the election, make sure to not use text message marketing. Voters would like to see that you're in touch with technology; they also want to see that you're making an effort to connect with them in the most common and most innovative way. Text message marketing clearly accomplishes that by establishing itself as a lasting trend. If being up-to-date and in-touch isn't your forte, then text message marketing isn't right for your team.

2. If You Don't Want to Be Eco-Friendly

Text message marketing is one of the most eco-friendly advertising mediums to date. Setting up an sms marketing campaign or even a drip campaign can require virtually zero use of any sort of non-recyclable waste or material. Your campaign can set up the entirety of an sms marketing plan using computers or even phones. Unlike social media, you won't have to worry about adding too much visual stimuli; this lessens the chance even further of creating any type of energy waste or material waste through photo setup. If you don't care about the environment, then text message marketing won't do you much good.

3. If You Don't Want Voters to See Your Advertisements

If you don't want your target market to actually see and engage with your marketing efforts, perhaps stick with flyers or even emails. According to Mobile Marketing Watch, text message marketing boasts a 98% open rate, meaning that 98% of the people you send text messages to will at least open up the message. Mobile Marketing Watch additionally reports that there are roughly 7 billion mobile phone subscriptions around the globe. This adds up to about 95% of the world's population. Compared to another marketing medium like email, which only has about 2.5 billion worldwide subscriptions, it's clear that mobile marketing has the highest reach. You can map these statistics onto the US, where there are roughly 440 million phone subscriptions as of 2018.

4. If You Like Waiting Ages to Send Messages

If you prefer to wait ages to send your marketing materials, then text message marketing is definitely not for you. The instantaneous message delivery that comes along with text message marketing. Using text message marketing, your advertising content gets delivered within seconds of hitting send. A sooner delivery time also means sooner feedback and engagement time. You'll not only spend less time worrying about delivery method, you'll be able to spend more time focusing in the valuable demographics and feedback that ext message marketing can provide you in such a short amount of time. Does that sound enticing? If not, then absolutely stick with email marketing, snail mail or social media. If you prefer to wait ages for your marketing material to be delivered to your target market, then SMS Marketing sin't for you, my friend.

5. If You Don't Want to Use A Flexible Marketing Source

SMS Marketing has the ability to target however best fits your campaign. If you need to send messages to one person, a group of people, or even thousands of people, text message marketing is your best route. The medium is extremely flexible, and you can use it in whatever way best fits your needs. However, if you're looking to struggle with narrowing down your market and not fully understanding the feedback, then text message marketing is absolutely not for you. This medium's ability to flex and fit your needs might be too efficient for your campaign.

6. If You Like Spending Too Much Money on Marketing

Whether you prefer to spend money on overpriced social media influencer endorsements, physical marketing collateral, or other frivolous things, text message marketing is extremely affordable; it might not be for your team if you like to spend too much money. Your campaign would be able to send thousands of text messages to potential voters for a nearly minuscule portion of your budget. This type of small price will leave extra room in your campaign for organizing events and fundraisers; this cost-cut could even allow you to include other forms of marketing that can enhance your text message marketing ventures. All in all, if you don't care at all about saving money in your local or state election, then text message marketing is not for you.

7. If You Don't Care About Connecting With Voters

If you're only running for office for the nice office in the nice part of town, then text message marketing isn't for you. This medium will give you an extremely unique ability to level with voters and truly have conversation with them. Using a text message marketing service like RoboCent, your campaign will be able to have meaningful conversations with voters.

Services like RoboCent hires real people to do the sending; therefore, your campaign will be able to engage in real, human interaction via text message. A person on the other end of the line will be able to candidly answer questions and concerns. They can then report back to you to keep you updated. Connection with voters has never been so easily accomplishable, and it's all because of the power of SMS Marketing. So, if relating and connecting to your voter base isn't in you wheelhouse, neither is text message marketing.

8. If You Prefer Your Marketing Services to be Unpredictable

Do you like the rush of adrenaline you get when a post isn't delivered on time? Do you crave inconsistency in feedback? Are you a sucker for bad communication with marketing professionals? If you answered yes to these questions, then text message marketing with RoboCent is not for you. Unfortunately, SMS Marketing provides you with an extremely specified pool of recipients who you can gather highly accurate data from. If you don't like having a streamlined and accurate method of gathering information, and choose to just "wing it," you'll want to stay away from extremely effective SMS Marketing and data gathering tactics.

9. If Clear and Concise Communication Isn't Your Brand

Using text message marketing, political candidates will be able to convey information about their campaign through 140 character text messages. This will force your campaign to think concisely, and get straight to the point with potential voters. The small character limit prevents you from beating around the bush and wasting voters' time. Plus, conciseness usually translates to clarity in the long run. Not only will you cut down on length, but cut down on confusion as well. Voters will know exactly what you mean, as long as you word it correctly, and you won't have to spend as much time backpedaling because you've already concisely written and sent your message out. If you prefer to confuse your voter base with heightened language, overly drawn-out messages, or unnecessary filler, make sure that you never use text message marketing. It will challenge your campaign too much in trying to make it digestible for the general public.

10. If You Don't Want to Be A Real Competitor

The moral of the story here is that text message marketing puts you ahead of the curve. SMS Messages can save you money, can cut down on wasted time, and ultimately can create a deep connection with your audience. With more money, more time, and more voters, you'll become a force to be reckoned with in the race that you're running. If you're running for laughs or just the experience, then text message marketing is not for you. Text message marketing is a real tool that helps people run real political races. If you're not using it, you're not on trend, and you're not a real competitor. So if you don't wish to truly compete, then don't use text message marketing.


As we said, there are pros and cons to every marketing technique. Some tactics may not be for every political candidate or business, and text message marketing is absolutely no exception. After reading our list, we hope that we're able to help your campaign come to an informed decision about methods moving forward. Text message marketing has the ability to separate election winners from election candidates. Which one are you?